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William Sendziak



BECKMAN COULTER: Collaborate with web designers and developers. Develop UI designs, web banners, animated gif’s and digital ads. Digital assets and animations for internal company monitors and trade show displays.

GEXCO: Responsive website redesign. Discovered Gexco has a larger global presents than previously thought. Repositioned website to target both Asian and U.S. markets.

BALANCED ENERGY STUDIOS: Redesign website to current UX trends and functionally. Positioning Balanced Energy Studios as an all encompassing pilates and yoga studio. Develop user story, focuses on health benefits of pilates and yoga. Improving your mind and body in an upscale atmosphere.

CLAY COLLABORATIONS: Website redesign implementing modern web trends. Reflect the uniqueness of combining traditional pottery and sculpture. Targeted both commercial and residential customers

A quick comment from one of my peers.

 “Bill is someone you can count on, he has excellent attention to detail, any project he is assigned on, will be done with high-quality and care. He is always willing to take on high-visibility jobs and delivers them with quality and creativity, often under very demanding timelines. Bill’s design skills, production skills, and creative insights are considerable and obviously informed by a solid history of hands-on work and strategic thinking. In addition, his abilities in handling outside concerns, such as vendor coordination, are seamless.”

Debora Galasso

Vice President, Marketing Operations, Strategic Marketing Planning, Global Mindset, Beckman Coulter


BECKMAN COULTER DIGITAL DISPLAY: Challenge of implementing an open floor plan at Beckman Coulter’s corporate headquarters. Series of digital displays encouraging employee’s to change their habits. Implemented humorous strategy to address employee’s actions using approachable messaging. Developed concept, wrote headlines, created images and photo compositing, designed layout.


PROMO REEL: Animations used in trade show exhibits, sales meetings and internal presentations. AfterEffects and Cinema 4D primary tools.


OCSSA INTERACTIVE BROCHURE: Develop eBrochure showcases accomplishments of the OCSS department for 2019. Positioning demonstrated the positive contributions achieved. Developed project through concept, design, client presentation, iterations and implementation. .


DxN VERIS CAMPAIGN: New product launch. DxN Veris features are unique to this instrument and isn’t available in the market. Developed concepts, headlines, images and photo compositing, designed layout. Spearheaded customer focus groups to determine campaign direction and effectiveness.

EXHIBIT: Exhibit program which is open, inviting and comfortable for customers to interact with the sales team. Designed trade show panels, light boxes, imagery, composited photos. Collaborated with marketing team and exhibits leads to create look and feel, positioning of layout and design in a 3D environment. Printed on fabric, solid sub-straight materials, transparent light boxes.

BCI REPRODUCTIVE BROCHURE: Develop brochure which targets physician’s, explaining how Beckman Coulter can improve their patients reproductive needs. Created layout focusing on Doctor and patient relationship, developed new typography solutions, developed images, composited photography.

VALICIA SALON BRAND DEVELOPMENT: Create BRAND of “Flowing Hair”. Using typography illustrates a contemporary and distinctive company brand. Developed concept, designed typography and layout. Created Brand implemented throughout the business.

FUSION ELECTRIC LOGO: Create a logo that reflects the energy which the company brings to  their customers…excitement and energy. Developed concept, designed typography and layout.

UNOCAL 76 AGRIPRODUCTS B2B CAMPAIGN: Campaign speaks to growers, demonstrating how UnoCal’s products are scientifically proven to improve yields leading to higher profits. Developed concept, headlines, imagery, photo compositing, designed layout. Chaired client sales meeting to determine campaign strategy, positioning and messaging. Led customer focus groups to measure effectiveness. Developed media plan, placed ads in trade publications.

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