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Clay Collaborations Website Redesign

Clay Collaborations is a partnership of artists that create custom ceramics and artwork by combining hand thrown pottery and sculpture.

My Role

– User Research
– User Interviews
– Sketching
– Wireframing
– Screen Flows
– UI/Visual Design
– Journey Mapping
– Interaction Design
– Frontend Development

Issues to Resolve

There are two issues that needed to be resolved to improve
effectiveness.  Creating a eCommerce function to the app and
Brand Awareness as high-end creators of ceramic arts. 
Clay Collaborations is currently selling their artwork through
word-of-mouth, with minimal Internet and no eCommerce presence. 


Constrains and Limitations

Clay Collaborations website needs to be aligned with current UX trends, reflecting the beauty and artfulness of their products. Implement eCommerce functionality to improve the experience leading to increased sales.


I conducted 15 minute stakeholder interviews by phone or by email, depending on availability. I interviewed a broad range of individuals, i.e., customers and employees. The purpose of the interviews were to confirm “what the site will be used for”, “what pain-points should be avoided” and “get a better understanding of the user”. I wrote the questions to cover two areas, (1) what is their “process with purchasing online” and (2) “how to find products they are looking for”. 

Stakeholder Questions

1. How often do you purchase items online?

2. Do you research products before you buy?

3. What are your most important features of an eCommerce site?

4. Have you had frustrations ordering items online? If yes, please describe?

5. If you answered yes to question 4, what did you do to resolve your frustrations?

6. What device(s) do you use to go online?

7. What is your primary search engine? i.e., Google, Yahoo etc.

8. If you were looking for pottery online, what keywords would you use to search to find these types of items?

9. What are the most important factors when considering a purchases? i.e., price, quality, return policy etc.

10. Do you have any additional thoughts that you would like to share?

The Discovery

From the interviews, a greater understanding of who their customers are. I divide them into two groups, professional, i.e., interior designers, architects, corporations etc., and personal collectors. The demographics was very wide audience. With this knowledge, we began to Brand Clay Collaborations as one of the beauty and uniqueness of the products, with a logical flow to navigate and purchase items online.


Logo Redesign, New Font Sets and Color Palette

The strategy and thought process for the Clay Collaboration logo was to develop a word-mark that is clean, communicates what Clay Collaborations’ produces and establishes the Brand as a high-end manufacture of artistic ceramic products.

The colors that were chosen for the Primary Logo reflect earth tones and the color of clay. The Color Variations were inspired by the glazes that they use and allows diversity for use in any instance. 

The formatting of the fonts, juxtaposed large and small fonts, overlaid to suggest a sense of collaboration, combining two different areas of modeling with clay as one.

The Tagline “Blending Ceramics & Sculpture” was added to reinforce what Clay Collaborations’ does and to improve SEO.

Icon Development

A custom icon set was developed to add uniqueness to the pages and reinforce the Brand. This was accomplished by combining pictorial icons contained within a piece of custom pottery.

User Task Flow

After thumb nailing different iterations of the site map and user flow, I used Sketch to build the final task flow.

LoFi Wireframe Sketching

Before the tighter versions of the wireframe and prototype were designed, sketching was done to get consensus from various team members, client and customers on the flow of the site.

LoFi Wireframe

Designed in Sketch, this LoFi wireframe is a blueprint for Clay Collaboration’s website. Showing all of the required pages, navigation and interactions between the pages & links. These interactions will enhance the User’s experience by adding subtle visual stimulation, helping to ensure the site will be fluid and intriguing for the User.

UI Design Sketching

Using an agile design approach, sharing various iterations of sketches which show the thought process for the designs. Gathering feedback from the team, client and customers to confirm the direction of the designs before presenting a tighter PhotoShop version.

Final UI Design Options

The strategy and thought process for the three design option below reflect the research suggesting the look and feel of a high-end art gallery. Focus is kept on the products and animates through various ceramics automatically.

Final UI Design

After reviewing with stakeholders, customer and owners. Option B was chosen as the most affective design to target both professional and collector markets. Adapting it to desktop, tablet and mobile, the final design was approved to prototype.

HiFi Prototype

After reviewing with the team. A high fidelity prototype was developed to test the task flow with Clay Collaboration’s app with customers and stakeholders.

Task Flow Testing Summary

Using the prototype, completing the steps from opening the site, viewing the gallery, finalizing a purchase and returning to the home page was the task flow tested. The test was conducted to determine if there are any impediments in the flow and if it was easy to follow, intriguing, memorable and an enjoyable experience.

– Review Home Page and Navigation

– Determine and click link to see pottery

– Click on link to go to pottery page

– Determine choice and quantity.
– Click on link to add pottery to your purchase

– How to continue to shop before checking out.

– Return to pottery page.
– Determine choice and quantity.
– Click on link to add pottery to your purchase

– Click on link to purchase items

– Click on link to place order

– Review Order Conformation page

– Return to the Home page

Development Using React JS

Upon final approval from the team. Coding using the React framework has started. I am currently teaming with a developer to write the front-end, middleware and back-end, so the site can be uploaded to a hosting site. Once complete, the site will be tested again before going live.

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