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Bill worked on a project to create new artwork and taglines for what was going to be a new 2-year marketing campaign for DxN VERIS Molecular Diagnostics System. The goal I had for the project was to stay away from the typical advertising and branding done for diagnostics in our company and industry, and to create something that had stopping power and was innovative in the space. I was searching for something that would be eye popping while still keeping the customer needs and Beckman Coulter’s brand in mind. With little guidance (I didn’t want to direct the project in any way), Bill presented 9 choices to me that were all amazing! They ranged from more traditional to completely fun and out of the ordinary, going above and beyond my expectations. Bill worked on refining three of the concepts and completing the project in a short amount of time. I would love to work with Bill again. He was also great at capturing the customer’s view of their needs and at researching on his own competitor’s offering to differentiate his concepts.

Jaime M Humara, Ph.D.

Vice President Global Strategic Marketing, Life Sciences and Diagnostics

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bill for the last three years. Bill is someone you can count on, he has excellent attention to detail, I know any project he is working on will be done with high-quality and care. His understanding of the business and brand application has been an asset. He is always willing to take on high-visibility jobs and delivers them with quality and creativity, often under very demanding timelines. Bill has been a pleasure to work with.

Debora Galasso

Vice President, Marketing Operations, Strategic Marketing Planning, Global Mindset, Beckman Coulter


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